After my 1st day as a volunteer in a Primary School I knew I wanted to become a teacher. It’s been an exciting, challenging and somewhat frightening year.  I developed not just skills for teaching but valuable skills for personal development, to use in my future career and life. West Essex SCITT has been so supportive and the training has been second to none.


I can truly say that my Primary Initial Teacher Training at West Essex SCITT , in terms of my own development, growth and realisations, has been the most important year of my life. That is not to say that it is the sum total of my learning, but rather a starting point. I continue to learn and to be inspired.  My mentor and tutor have both contributed, supported and inspired me and the training facilitators were all brilliant.


Training at West Essex SCITT has been a superb opportunity.  School based training took place 4 days a week at my placement school and once a week specialist training took place at West Essex SCITT’s training facilities in Buckhurst Hill.  The training facilitators were all so very engaging, knowledgeable and encouraging. I feel I am ready to start my NQT year and the training I have received was second to none.